Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mr Twister !

Brooks "Hamas" Simpson.

(Simpson seyz)
"One wonders why there are people who are defending the kidnapper and attacking those who want to find the child. Note that the Flaggers, who are in a fairly good position to help, have declined to assist on social media, while their mouthpieces (Chastain, Roden, Grove, Tatum) are furious about efforts to publicize the kidnapping."

"It’s a glimpse into the dark hearts and empty souls of some people.

Wrong Brooks ! You are a bare faced LIAR ! I'm upset over the fact that you use the situation as a platform to continue your attack on the VA Flaggers.

You and your bottom feeding lap dog Corey are simply agitators, who are using this 2 year old girl as another reason to attack the Flaggers.

What's wrong Brooks is your magnifying glass broken ? You seem to be able to find every mistake I make and post about it, but you haven't been able to find my comments about the kidnapping.

On July 3rd your scout Corey sent me a comment and I replied --
Corey's Question
  "Why are you making ribbons instead of posting about the missing toddler whose mom and boyfriend are Virginia Flaggers and the mom is wanted by the FBI. I would think that this blog, Backsasss and the Va. Flagger blog would be great ways of helping end this in a positive way ?"                                                                    My Reply
If I thought I could help I would. But I don't know all the particulars of the situation.
So what am I or any other Blogger suppose to do ?
The FBI, Local and State Police are working on the situation, I don't know what I could do to help them.

I know there are F/B pages, Blog post and so on out there that bring up the situation, but let me ask you something -- " How many positive leads have resulted from these posts" ? Has anyone received one tip that will help bring this story to a peaceful end ?

If I thought I could make a positive difference I would do so,  but you and others know as much as I do and maybe more. I hope that the little girl's plight will end soon. In a positive way !

And to set the record straight - " I am NOT a mouthpiece for the Flaggers, I am a Flagger, but I speak for myself " !

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