Thursday, July 3, 2014

Counter Protestor or Agitator ?

Hi folks, lets take a look at a couple Neo Yankee Agitators     ----

First Goad Gatsby --

Goad has been hanging close to the VA Flaggers, blasting Hip Hop music from a boom box he totes around on his tricycle. Blasting out profanity filled lyrics for any passerby to hear.It don't take much to see he is not counter protesting, but simply trying to annoy the Flaggers, And on occasion he is successful.

Judy Parsons Smith posted a video where one of the Flaggers walks away from the traveling Goad show.
What happens ? Goad follows the Flagger from spot to spot with music blasting.
Counter protesting ? If you believe that I have ocean Front property in Arizona I'm willing to let you have at a good price.

It's plain to see he is not there to Counter Protest, but to Agitate.  Were he to be protesting he would dispense some type of information  to prove his point. He does not do so !

Next up --

The Boy without a blog !
( Sometimes)
This agitator has gone back and forth from Blogging to not Blogging several times.
He is a constant commenter at various blogs, never contributing anything but antagonistic comments or questions. His latest question at my blog ( AtrueConfederate) was ---

"Why are you making ribbons instead of posting about the missing toddler whose mom and boyfriend are Virginia Flaggers and the mom is wanted by the FBI. I would think that this blog, Backsasss and the Va. Flagger blog would be great ways of helping end this in a positive way ?"
If I thought I could help I would. But I don't know all the particulars of the situation.
So what am I or any other Blogger suppose to do ?
The FBI, Local and State Police are working on the situation, I don't know what I could do to help them.
He only has an interest in agitating. If he truly wanted to help he would use his newly resurrected blog,
( the one that has had 55 hits since May 17th) to do what he is condemning others for not doing.
I would love to see how he could help!
So it's plain to see some folks Protest peacefully and promote their Heritage, and some simply agitate !


  1. Goad could be dealt with easily. All someone has to do is stay with him with a sign that says "I'm NOT with stupid!" or "MY FLAG!" and stay in his face the way the homeless moron does everyone else. Something tells me like all Leftists, they're not big on having someone play their own games against them.

  2. LOL...took you long enough to find it...its not real, I just dodge to see how close you keep tabs on me...real close I see. As for the missing could help by posting images to get the word out that a member of the Va. Flaggers is missing with her child...supposedly kidnapped child. But I see your priorities are bound in keeping up on what I am doing. You say you don't have the details, but you and Connie and Susan don't want the other situation like when you precious little flags are in danger you know all the details inside and out. What a load of shit David...a huge load.

    1. Well if it was a case of ".took you long enough to find it" I wasn't keeping a close tab on you, was I ?
      You're an Idiot !