Friday, May 2, 2014



It seems my buddy Carl slipped a zinger by me.

In a recent post about 
Kristen Schroeder Konaté
He  misspelled her name.

"Bad enough that Kuntate looks like the lead character in a second-grade porn movie, but its disgusting she can make a statement like that and know that none of her elitist Establishment pals will reprimand her for it."

OK I missed it, straight up my bad ! To top it off  *Corey has been bashing me on the issue.
What's a guy to do ?

If I delete the comment I get accused of covering up for Carl.
If I leave the comment I'm an accomplice.

The best I can do is promise to try to do a better job at proof reading the comments.
But as Brooks Simpson has noted, proof reading ain't my thing !

* You know Corey Meyer, the guy who left the internet over a lump of coal and a battle flag.
Corey left the internet to protect his Student's and Family, ( I suppose) after the incident.
This is the same guy who posted my name, address, picture of my home complete with a pin point Google map to show it's exact location. He says it was an accident. OK accident's do happen.




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  2. Whachu smokin ? I don't edit comments ! That's something you used to do.
    I post em like I get em, when I post em.

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  4. Corey, your mind is wired different than mine. When I posted the comment originally the misspelling got by me.
    Once it was posted it was too late, like I said - " If I delete the comment I get accused of covering up for Carl.
    If I leave the comment I'm an accomplice."
    Remember your comment about me and the pirate ? That's the way your brain is wired, not mine.
    Now then -- when I was 10 years old a bunch of us kids would hide in the bushes and throw water filled balloons at the community bus that went through the neighborhood I lived in, it was a kid's thing to do. Back then there was no A/C on the bus and people had to leave the windows open to stay cool.
    needless to say they got a surprise.
    That reminds me a lot of you, throwing comments. You don't have the testicular fortitude to run your own blog any longer, so now you are relegated to hiding in the "Cyber Bushes" and throwing Balloons.
    Now then if you quit blogging to protect your family and students from "Confederate Santa" that's fine, I understand.
    But what makes you think "Confederate Santa" doesn't read your blog comments ? Where is the concern for their safety ?
    Could it be you are growing a spine ? I don't think so. You have been, and always be -- a shape shifting COWARD who uses a multitude of fake names to spread your rantings. For the safety of your family and students ( as well as the fact I'm sick of your 10 year old antics) your portable soap box has been discontinued here, say hello to General Zod.