Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Simple Challenge

By Carl W. Roden (esq) ~ The man the Deniers fear the most.

I address this one to those who oppose the continued display of our Southern Cross banner, and condemn those of us who make the "horrible sin" of honoring it and the good memories of our honored Southern dead.

I would like to issue a personal challenge to one of you, one I welcome you to respond to on this forum...with your permission David.

My challenge is simple: I will concede the entire issue of the display of the Southern Cross banner - and effectively quit Southern heritage defense on facebook and other media online - if any member of the politically correct Establishment, Floggersphere, or any one of their useful idiots, can answer the following questions both logically and in such a way that the overall answer cannot be disputed rationally.
(1) How would the removal of the Southern Cross banner accomplish in any way, shape, or form - beyond a meaningless "symbolic gesture" - the advancement of Black Americans socially, academically, and morally?

(2) How would that flag's removal and social condemnation reasonably constitute any significant victory over any lingering social injustice in America, or effectively strike a serious blow against bigotry?

(3) How does labeling the majority of people in America who honor that flag free of racial intent along with the handful who denigrate it as a racially charged symbol not in any way constitute an act of hate and bigotry itself on the part of the flag's opponents, or taint their own "good intentions"?

(4) What is to gain from the continued status quo thinking of those same people in regards to labeling that flag a symbol of evil?

(5) Why would it not be better in the long run to advance realistic efforts to teach people - particularly young people - not to hate or fear the display of Southern Cross banner, or the people who honor it correctly, as a more effective way of taking away the power that flag - in the wrong hands - to offend another human being?
Well, there y'all go. If you can offer a reasonable, common sense response with flawless logic (I will settle for circular logic since it might be the best y'all can manage) to each of those questions. One that:
(A) Offers NO contradictions. 
(B) That expressly explains how efforts to end a racial identity view of that flag are pointless. 
(C) Reasonably makes the point that the "right answer" is to do away with that flag forever from public display and concede it to its historical negatives.
So, I leave it to you, the intellectuals, the so-called "Progressives" and "forward-thinkers" here's your chance to educate, to offer enlightenment to the filthy masses (or at the very least get rid of me, a simple country writer from South Carolina)....thrill me with your arguments.
   I make one restriction - No cussin !

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